Svecom Ski on Rai Sport!

Our micro-sanding machines, developed for world cup technicians

In the video broadcast on Rai Sport in mid-November, Marco Selle, Italy Cross Country Technical Director, talks about the next Nordic World Ski Championships.

At minute 00:32 you can see our World Cup Evo 140 machine supplied to the Italian national team. Together with a twin Evo machine, it will be used to prepare athletes for the next national and international Biathlon and Nordic Combined competitions.

World Cup Evo micro-sanding machine

The new WORLD CUP EVO micro-sanding machine is a scientific research machine designed to create any type of ski structure based.

The new software is the result of years of research and collaboration with the most qualified and important world cup technicians. The integrated digital operating system allows to work at micron precision in a simple and intuitive way. By inserting the data into the NC machine you have a real-time calculation of the structure and through the graphic display you can view the drawing that will appear on the slab. We have also developed the Multidiamond® program “able to use a diamond as if it were bigger.

As a result, it is possible to create a structure with different roughness indexes so that it can be adapted to the specific characteristics of the snow, base and technical discipline.

Svecom SKI has also introduced the new Multideep® control that allows to vary the diamond engraving depth during stone engraving in order to create structures with an increase or decrease in depth in the profile. Finally, we have developed a new graphic simulator that previews the ski structure you want to make before the machine runs it. This opportunity allows to save a great deal of time and materials.

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