The French national team chooses us once again

World Cup Evo 140, designed purposely for the World Ski Championships.

The French National Ski team, after chosing to rely on Svecom Ski in the past for the supply of the necessary machine in order to prepare the equipment for its best athletes, has decided to continue the collaboration asking for the latest update available.

In the picture you can see the specialized technicians Michael Monnin and Jean Herody, together with Svecom Ski representative Marco Cabalisti, near the updated machine World Cup Evo 140.

Interventions have affected multiple aspects, from the implementation of the electronic version, to the enhancement of the motors, to the adjustment of the software.

All these tricks will allow an even more efficient and performing use of the machine.

The main technical characteristics are:

  • New software developed with the most qualified world cup technicians
  • New integrated digital operative system which allows to work at micron precision
  • Wide touchscreen for a faster surfing through the various menus
  • Real time structure calculation
  • Multidiamond® program able to use a diamond as if it were bigger
  • New Multideep® control, allows to vary the depth of the diamond incision

Therefore, the collaboration between the two teams is strengthened, and we wait for more updates and developments in the future.

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