Svecom SKI technologies at the service of Nordic Skiing national teams

When a competitive season comes to an end, you immediately have to start thinking about the next one

Russian National Team’s truck arrives at Svecom-P.E.

Nordic skiing season has just finished, and it is time for the teams to think about the next one and get ready for it.

If on one side athletes can enjoy some relaxing weeks to recharge their batteries, on the other side materials must be immediately overhauled.

This is why Nordic Skiing Russian National Team has sent Svecom Ski its ski-preparation truck shortly before the competitions.

Ski-processing machine World Cup Evo 140

The truck accompanies athletes near the racetracks and contains within it, besides a large number of professional skis and various equipment, the World Cup Evo 140 machine, by far one of the most performing on the market.

The overhaul activities include a complete check-up of the software and of the mechanical parts. Nothing is left to chance, for a pair of excellently prepared skis can make a difference in the color of the medal that the athletes are competing for.

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