Meeting the customer’s needs, over the years a line of accessories with a high technical content has been developed to speed up and simplify the preparation of skis and snowboards which has become the reference for world cup technicians and racing laboratories.

In particular, the Ariete tool was created to obtain the best in cross-country skiing training and to allow all athletes, from professionals to amateurs, a significant improvement in performance. Svecom ski, the state of the art in racing preparation.


They are machines used by national teams and by the racing departments of companies. They allow the skis to be adapted to the environmental conditions encountered on the snow of each competitive location.

Delta Line

The new Delta Line was created to make the quality, performance and durability of Svecom Ski available to any ski and snowboard workshop and rental, with great attention to management costs.

Delta Stone and Delta NewEdge can combine high-level performance and operational speed meeting the needs of any operator.

It is the heart of Svecom Ski production. It is a line of compact CNC micro-rulers for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. The Delta Line is presented completely modular, from the easy version to the research version, in order to offer a machine suitable for the needs of any department and laboratory.

Sport Line

It is a line made up of easy-to-use compact electronic machines, suitable for speeding up the manufacturing process of skis and snowboards.

World Cup Line

Everywhere the crystal ball is the symbol of victory in the World Cup as well as the numerically controlled World Cup by Svecom Ski is the symbol of the winning sliding footprints everywhere.

For over 20 years the World Cup has been used in the racing departments of ski manufacturers and national teams to obtain the fastest footprints and to guarantee 100% repeatability.

Spare parts

Svecom Ski wheels are the result of constant development and collaboration with the ski men and athletes of the most important national teams; while the design of the structure depends on the type of diamond: the secret lies in the correct and precise arrangement and in its contact surface.