World Cup Evo 140

The new World Cup Evo microgroover is a scientific research machine designed to create any kind of ski structure based on environmental analyses and the experience or imagination of the most demanding technician.The new software is the result of years of research and collaboration with the most qualified World Cup nordic and alpine ski technicians who work with National Federations and ski manufacturers. The integrated digital operating system allows you to work with micron precision in an easy and intuitive way. The wide new generation touch-screen allows you to quickly browse through the various menus and keep working operations under control. Enter the machine data in the NC to obtain a real-time calculation of the ski structure data and a graphic display of the design that will appear on the ski base. Any appropriate modifications can then be made before sending the ski structure to the machine for execution. Moreover, we have developed and covered by international patent the new Multidiamond® operating system, which allows you to use the diamond mounted in the machine as if it was larger. As a result, you can create a ski structure with different roughness indexes so that it can be adapted to the specific characteristics of the snow, the ski base and the technical discipline. Svecom has also introduced the new Multideep® diamond control system which allows you to vary the depth of the diamond incision during dressing of the stone in order to create a ski structure with an increasing and/or decreasing profile and vice versa. This can all be done in 5 parallel variable sectors of your choice, or in a sector that can be superimposed up to 5 times. Finally, we developed a new graphic simulator that displays a preview of the ski structure you would like to realise before the machine executes it. This opportunity allows you to save a great deal of time and materials. 

Operating programs: Easy, World Cup and Research.

Stone diameter 350 (max) 280 mm (min)
Stone width 140 - 70 mm
Grinding speed 50 - 1500 g/min
Feed speed 50 - 1500 g/min
Nominal load 5 KW
Voltage 3/N/T 380 V - 50 HZ
Rated current 32 A
Number of axes 4
Precision +/- 0.001 mm
Water tank capacity 100 lt
Weight 800 KG
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 2400 x 800 x 1700 mm