Everywhere the crystal globe is the symbol of victory in World Cup as well as the Svecom Ski CNC microgroover World Cup Evo is the symbol of winning ski structures everywhere.
For over 20 years, the World Cup machine is used in racing departments of ski factories and national teams to get faster ski structures and to ensure 100% repeatability.
From this winning experience in continuous evolution comes the new Delta Line to ensure to any ski and snowboard laboratory and rental the quality, the performance and the durability of Svecom Ski with great attention to business costs.
Delta Stone and Delta NewEdge combine high performance and working speed satisfying the needs of any user. With this new line of machines, together with an exhaustive line of technical tools dedicated to any skiman, Svecom Ski becomes the global partner of all professionals that need high operational capacity, quality and highperformance level.
Last but not least was made Ariete to get the best in cross country training and allow all athletes, from professionals to amateurs, a significant improvement in performance.
Svecom Ski the state of the art in racing preparation.