Delta Edge

Automatic compact edge grinding machine for ski and snowboard. Dry sharpening with synthetic diamond cup grinding wheels. Innovative feed system without using the bridge for bindings. The grinding angles can be easily adjusted in tenth grade, individually and independently of each other. Edge tuning is done contemporaneously on both edge sides, in both directions and in one single process saving valuable time.

Grinding wheel Ø 90 (max) - 70 mm (min)
Grinding speed 6000 min
Feed speed 1000 - 1000 mm / min
Nominal load 3KW
Nominal Voltage 3/N/T 380 v - 50 HZ
Rated current 32A
Vacuum pump included
Forced air aspiration included
Capacity 40 pairs/hour
Weight 400 KG
Dimension (L x W x H) 1000x1000x1400
operative space 3000 mm